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Homeland Security Careers Website Modernization

Old DHS Careers desktop and mobile website design

UI/UX Objective

The Problem

The Solution

Design Focus

To target and increase site traffic by driving potential job seekers to relevant careers information for Federal components hiring under the DHS umbrella and the programs and opportunities available.


Within the constraints of the current CMS, to declutter, consolidate, and modernize site content in preparation for CMS transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 in January 2021.

The Homeland Security Careers platform consisted of redundant and outdated content that served little purpose to individuals seeking mission-critical Federal employment opportunities.​

With research and stakeholder collaboration, low and high-fidelity wireframing and mock-up samples were designed to assist in the restructuring of the Homeland Security Careers platform, which was launched between September and October 2020 in two phases.

The improved site now provides job seekers a mobile-responsive, accessible, and user-friendly interface that showcases the current career opportunities available within DHS and its Federal components. Direct links to external sites for the programs available to students and graduates have eliminated content and page redundancy. New page banners and prominent navigation buttons were designed and placed in highly visible areas to provide users with quick access to tailored careers information.

  1. Restructure Homeland Security careers landing page;

  2. Create new targeted landing pages with career-focused content;

  3. Consolidate and eliminate redundant and outdated content/pages; and

  4. Provide quick access to external partner job sites and programs (e.g., USAJOBS).

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