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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Agreement

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all products and services provided by Luciid Concepts, LLC (Luciid Concepts). All work is managed and executed by Luciid Concepts with the understanding that the Client has agreed to the Terms and Conditions. Luciid Concepts has the right to change, modify or amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Your written consent and subsequent payment establishes your agreement to the terms and conditions listed below.


Project Acceptance

Upon client acceptance, Luciid Concepts will provide the Client with a written quote via email invoice. Invoice will include link to PayPal to collect the full payment for services to be rendered. A copy of your invoice is considered to be electronically signed and dated upon initial payment by the Client which binds the Client to accept these Terms and Conditions.​


Fees for Services

Charges for all services provided by Luciid Concepts will be detailed in the invoice provided to the Client. Upon Client’s acceptance, the non-refundable payment (in full) is due upon receipt, via invoice or PayPal, to Luciid Concepts.


Source Files

Charges for design work do not cover the release of any copyrighted design source files, including but not limited to Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Audition, Premiere Pro, and After Effects files. An additional fee will be charged to the Client for the release of design source files.


Charges for Other Services

Charges for any additional services requested during the project that were not originally agreed upon, or are outside the initial project and quote, will become fully payable at the time of invoice acceptance and prior to the commencement of the additional work being requested.



Luciid Concepts reserves the right to increase the pricing stated herein to the extent deemed warranted as a result of increases in the cost of labor, materials, software, overhead expenses, or other business-related charges. All quoted or invoiced pricing is valid for thirty (30) days from issuance of quote or invoice.

Pricing is not subject to change once the Client accepts and remits full payment of their invoice in full unless the Client ceases communication with Luciid Concepts for longer than forty-five (45) days from the date of full payment.


Unless the client can show just cause, design projects are considered abandoned after thirty (30) days of payment being received if the Client ceases communication (oral or written) during our attempts to acquire content required to complete the project. Unresponsiveness of the Client precludes Luciid Concepts' ability to fulfill the obligations of the contract set forth in the signed invoice. No refunds will be issued for abandoned projects.



Payments may be made via Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) or Debit Card via PayPal. 

Client invoices contain the complete and entire payment agreement between both parties. Terms are given ten (10) days from the date of invoice to accept. For invoices which are not paid within the foregoing terms, Luciid Concepts has the right to consider the project in default, at which time, Luciid Concepts will not begin the design process.

In the case of default or breach of contract by the Client in the performance or fulfillment of any or all provisions of this agreement, Luciid Concepts can cancel any outstanding projects and declare all obligations immediately due and payable. Failure to pay by the due date shall entitle Luciid Concepts to suspend fulfillment of all current and future projects. Where Luciid Concepts has good reason to believe the Client may default on payment, Luciid Concepts reserves the right, at any time, and in its absolute discretion, to demand full payment of the project and take legal action to recover the debt and costs.


Release of completed work on behalf of the Client will not take place before funds have been received.


Project Default

A project will be considered in default if it remains unpaid for thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. However, if the Client can show good cause for nonpayment within stated timeframe, the project will be reinstated at no additional fee. We understand unexpected events can occur and are willing to work with you so long as it is communicated.

If an uncompleted project is pending edits or updates and has been found to be publicly circulated or is being used for business purposes prior to finalization will be deemed completed by default and the remaining project balance will be due immediately to Luciid Concepts. Any additional changes will only be completed at an additional cost.​

Project delays primarily caused by the Client do not relieve the Client of their obligation to pay the amount(s) due. Client projects that become default agree to pay all Luciid Concepts' legal and accounting expenses, to include third party collection agency fees, in the enforcement of the debt and these Terms and Conditions.​


Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued. If Client wishes to cancel project after it has been accepted and payment has been collected, fee will not be refunded. All work created prior to cancellation by Luciid Concepts will remain as copyrighted material that will not be released to Client.

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